Short Stories Collection

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    Some of these stories were written by me. Others are stories I have collected over the years from different sources. The author of some of them are unknown. If I know who the author is credit is given.

    My name is Mick Lindley. I am 56 years old married to Debbie Weathers Lindley. We have 2 daughters and five grandchildren. When I was 1 year old my Dad worked at a sawmill in Winston county, AL. Figuring there had to be something better my parents put everything they owned in the back of an old borrowed truck. They left Winston County, Alabama in 1951 and moved to Birmingham, Alabama. I have been here ever since.

    The short stories titles appear below. Click on one to read it. This page is not limited to my stories. I would encourage you to submit a story for inclusion here. It will be welcomed. All are not included here. For a full list see the menu on the HOME PAGE

Growing Your Children Building confidence is important.

Farmer Joe is Fine A fictional story about an accident.

How to Drown a Rat  A true story about a big rat.

A Girl Named Deb A love poem Mick wrote to Debbie.

Sermon Before the Sermon From a church bulletin.

Just Thinking, on Doctors Do doctors have a practice?

Gossip and the Preacher A true tale of gossip.

My Antenna Story Funny story about insurance/accident.

Embarrassing Antenna Teens are embarrassed easily.

Good Things About America The title says it all.

Americans Get it Done America's great work force.