Good Things About America 

by Mick Lindley

    All persons on earth are Gods children and regardless of religion, race, or station in life God loves them all. We can be sure that God loves America and her people. 

    In many countries in the world engineers, doctors, and other professionals stand in line for hours waiting to buy essential items such as milk or bread. Here, you go to the grocery store and find that food is stacked almost to the ceiling. In this country a person can buy practically anything if they have the money or a credit card. 

    In a world where Catholic and Protestants are fighting each other and religious wars are fought virtually all the time, the United States has never fought such a war. 

    We live in near harmony with our Christian brothers and sisters no matter what their religious belief. Oil and related products such as gasoline are in plentiful supply. We pay less for gasoline than other any place in the world. 

    We are a free people. Where else can you talk or write about the President, or sit in a worship service and not fear that Big Brother will come and get you. Many thousands have died that we might have this freedom as well as the many other freedoms we enjoy. 

    Our country has never perpetrated a genocide such as the six million Jews massacred by the Germans or the millions who were killed by the Communist regime. The United States is a world superpower. This insures that our freedoms will be here for future generations to come.

    We maintain the separation of church and state. There are no government regulations on religious worship. We are a nation of wealthy people. Although everyone may not have their next ten mortgage payments in the bank we are a wealthy people. Wealth is a measure of the standard of living and not how much money we have in the bank. 

    We are at our best when things are at their worst. In disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tornados we pull together and do whatever is necessary to help our fellow man. Our country has become a world leader on its own. We did not conquer another nation and throw them out. America was formed from scratch with a good foundation that continues to stand. 

    With few exceptions we welcome newcomers. Lets not be too critical of "boat people". Most families who are in America today are here because their ancestors came here on a boat.