The Embarrassing Antenna 

by Mick Lindley

    I guess I have always been a bit abnormal. I don't sit in front of the television absorbed by sports, I don't get seriously involved with soap operas. I don't like the current batch of movies that are on television or at the rental store.  I have always had a fascination with the how and why of things. 

    Most of the people I talk to don't care why their cars roar into action when they turn the key, or why the sun comes up in the morning. I have wondered about these things since I was old enough to think for myself. As a result I have always tried to find the answers. I am amazed at some of life's most common things. For instance the miracle of birth, the order of the planets and our own moon. I once commented to my oldest daughter that the moon rotated just fast enough to keep its same side facing us as it revolved around the earth. Isn't that amazing? She replied with "daddy it just don't take much to amaze you". 

    I am a ham radio operator and this is just one hobby that I find amazing as well as fascinating. I have a tower and a yard full of antennas. I also have a 19 inch whip antenna on top of my car and a 9 foot antenna on the bumper. This is a source of embarrassment to my two daughters. Heather once moved the car from the front of the house because she had a date and didn't want him to see it when he came. 

    I took Lisa to a softball tournament recently and she rode slumped in the seat. She said "daddy why do you put this stuff on your car? why can't you be normal like everyone else?". The antennas do get some strange looks from people who pass me on the highway. I usually smile and wave at them. I guess they wonder what kind of abnormal weirdo I am. 

    I have always encouraged my daughters to be different instead of going with the flow. I guess I may be overdoing it a bit. I'm sorry for any embarrassment I may have caused you Heather and Lisa. I love you, Be different!, and be yourself.