Just Thinking, on Doctors

by Mick Lindley

    Here I go thinking again. I was just wondering why doctors have a medical practice. This would lead one to believe that they are practicing on their patients. I just looked in the phone book at some display ads for doctors and most of them in one way or another say that they have a practice. 


    Let's think about this for a moment. If you had a tree that was leaning dangerously toward your house and looked in the phone book for help and upon seeing the following ad: "Joe Jones in the practice of tree cutting" would you hire him? If you needed a plumber and one drove by your house with a sign on his truck saying: "Jim Smith a practicing plumber" would you hire him? I'm sure you are saying, probably not. 


    I'm not picking on doctors. They can and do save lives and make life much easier. A doctor is the person to go to if I have a problem. I love my doctor, after all he takes care of me. It's just another one of those things I started thinking about. I'll try and let you know before I start thinking again.