Gossip and the Preacher 

from Readers Digest 1985 

    What is gossip? We all know that gossip is the spreading of rumors. Usually we associate it with false rumors. The following is a fictional story of one such instance. A preacher in a local church was well liked by the congregation. However, one man disliked him very much and decided to spread some false rumors about him. So for months he told bizarre tales about him all of which were untrue. Finally the man was saved. He prayed for forgiveness and then asked the preacher to forgive him. The preacher simply said "you're forgiven". The man insisted that he do something to show his forgiveness. The preacher said OK, go home and get two pillows and a knife and take them to the town square. Cut them into and wave them in the breeze. Then I want you to return here to my office. The man did this and returned to the preachers office and said "OK am I forgiven" The preacher replied "you will be forgiven when you go back and gather up all the feathers"