A Girl Named Deb 

by Mick Lindley

I was strolling thru the park one day,

And there sat a girl named Debbie Fay,


I only took one casual look,

And found she was reading a book,


But look at the book I did not,

For I saw she was a girl of a lot,


Who is this beautiful young lass,

Is she by chance in my class,


I find this girl does have a name,

And whence I find from where she came,


I got to know her after a wait,

So what to do but ask her for a date,


But no way she don't like boys,

She'd rather play with her toys,


But after some friendly persuasion,

We finally did reach a liaison,


So out for a date in the night,

And all ends up on a good light,


So again we meet and set up a treat,

Only to find out, oh what a feat,


I've snagged this gal to be my wife,

And so we begin our new life,


Oh but what a young lady so keen,

That I must wonder where she's been,


Shortly we find that we are three,

But thats OK its more for life's spree,


And then again we are found to be four,

And that too is OK just another life's door,


Now we're a proud family at homes place,

To turn this way and that in life's race


And now my love is for you and only you,

For everything in life's journey that we do,


I Love You Deb ! Aug 1989 Mick