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Name: Derrin Pierre
From: Arizona
E-mail: Derrin2651@aol.com
This site may be a real big help for my English papers. I also firmly believe in the right to keep and bear arms.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Enraged
I'd like to note how flawed your logic is. First of all, I'm sure you have been using water for years and have yet to be fatally injured.We are all very very proud of you.isn't it true that if someone drowns, there is WATER found in their lungs and that the WATER in their lungs is what in turn, causes them to drown. Think about that for a while. Also, just as you say you have been using water for quite a while, I'm sure that there are people who have been around guns for years also, but haven't gotten off so lucky, killing or severly injuring themselves or someone else. You may argue that that is a select few, but no matter what you say, you cannot argue that a life is a life.
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