My Redneck Trailer

by Mick Lindley, July 2003

    I will make an attempt to keep this description as brief as possible and still put in all the necessary details.

Since I enjoy building things I decided to give trailer building a try. I purchased the trailer kit from Harbor Freight. It was 40" by 48", and way too big. A friend of mine cut 13 1/2" out of the axle, reinforced it with a piece of angle iron and welded it back. I then cut the frame down to the exact size of the box. This allowed the box to fit tightly between the fenders.

    I purchased the box from . It was a bit pricey at $294 but it was already built and ready to go. Set the box on the trailer and bolt it down with the same bolts that hold the frame together. I got some 3" aluminum stock (scrap) from a local sheet metal shop to cover the sides of the trailer frame. I bolted it on with 1/4" carriage bolts. The stainless steel plate on the tongue is for a ice chest, it also came from the same sheet metal shop. Total weight of the trailer empty is 144 pounds. I had the paint matched at an automotive paint shop. The lights are from WallyMart. Now all I need is a hitch.

I don't have a hitch yet so I propped it up with a rubber squeegee.

I was not real pleased with this gawky tag, I wish I had mounted it on the axle.

Total Cost of the trailer.

* Trailer kit from Harbor Freight             $134.00

* Box from JeepBox with shipping             324.00

* Lights from Wal Mart                                14.00

* 3" aluminum trim                                            .00

* Stainless Steel plate                                       .00

* Baby Moon Hubcaps                                  18.00

* Paint (primer)                                              12.00

* Paint (one quart)                                         38.00

* Additional hardware                                     6.00

               Total Cost                                    $546.00

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