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Part Numbers 2005 TOYOTA TACOMA X-RUNNER 4.0L 4000cc V6 FI Engine 1GRFE


Air Filter

K&N 33-2281 FRAM Part # CA9683 WIX Part # 46888

Gas Tank Cap

STANT Part # 10839 GATES Part # 31840  

Fuel Filter

     The fuel filter is not readily serviceable. It is an integral part of the fuel pump and is located inside the gas tank. The small in-tank fuel filter may become clogged in less than 50,000 miles restricting fuel flow resulting in insufficient flow/volume. This can lead to a dangerous, lean fuel mixture. Toyota dealers want you to believe the only fix is to buy an entire new "tank unit" from your local Toyota dealer scrapping a good fuel pump, gauge, and float thus costing you about $550. The fuel filter is available separately from other suppliers. If you decide to use another filter be very cautious about fuel line material. Be sure to use fuel line hose that is approved for use inside the tank. (immersed) At the present I don't have a part number.

Oil Filter

FRAM PH3614 WIX Part # 51348 ACDELCO PF53
K&N HP-1002 NAPA 21348  

Bulbs (all)

License plate 3157 Headlight bulb 9003 and H-4 Parking light  4157 Front turn signal 4157
Stop/Brake light  3157 Rear turn signal 3157 Tail light 3157  
High stop/brake light 168 Fog driving light 9005, 9145, H-10 License plate 168 Back up light 921
Front side marker 2827 Map lights 168 Dome light DE3022  


BOSCH Part # AL3311X

Spark Plugs {.044 gap}

CHAMPION Part # 318 ACDELCO Part # 41602 AUTOLITE Part # APP5325 NGK Part # 5788

Serpentine Belt

GATES Part # K070834 DAYCO Part # 5070835

Radiator Cap

STANT Part # 10242 GATES Part # 31412

Mass airflow sensor

CARDONE Part # 7450009 ACDELCO Part # 2133424

Oxygen sensor

ACDELCO Part # 2131483 BOSCH Part # 13441

Wheel lug nuts

DORMAN Part # 611215 DORMAN Part # 611167

Wiper blades

ACDELCO Part # 85214 Passenger side 21 inch TRICO Part # 21210 Passenger side 21 inch ANCO Part # 3121 Passenger side 21 inch
ACDELCO Part # 8422 Driver side 22 inch TRICO Part # 21220 Driver side 22 inch ANCO Part # 3122 Driver side 22 inch