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The F4 Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado 

Dec. 16, 2000

    As evidenced by the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama on 12-16-2000 a tornado can strike any state on any day of the year. With only 8 days left until Christmas 11 people died and hundreds were injured as the tornado made a path of destruction 12 miles long and 1/4 to 1/2 mile wide.


    Many pictures have appeared on the news and they tell the story far better than I ever could. I have picked out 6 of them to share and archive. They follow this text.

AP Photo Tuscaloosa News, Michael E. Palmer

    This girl was in shock when taken from a debris ridden mobile home in Tuscaloosa. She was OK and talking when later carried to the hospital. This man is one of the hundreds of unidentified volunteers who came to the rescue of the survivors. If anyone knows his identity I would like to know who he is. I would be honored to shake his hand.

AP Photo Tuscaloosa News, Michael E. Palmer

    More volunteers and rescue personnel attend an injured victim in front of a grocery store near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

AP Photo Tuscaloosa News, Michael E. Palmer

    A couple look on as they survey the damage where the tornado touched down in their Tuscaloosa subdivision, on Dec. 16, 2000

AP Photo Tuscaloosa News, Michael E. Palmer

    Two residents of the Bear Creek trailer park look on as they try to gather belongings from the wreckage of their mobile home.

AP Photo, Kevin Glackmeyer

    A Red Cross worker talks with storm victim Robert Morris who holds his grandson, Cullen Stafford at Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

AP Photo Tuscaloosa News, Robert Sutton

    Angel Turner with a bruised face finds a small piece of her life after going through the remains of her mobile home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.