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Today In History - A Perl script by The Puppet Master

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Today In History

            Here is what happened on Wednesday - June 28th...
            It is day 179 of the year 2017, and there are 186 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

            1491,Henry VIII of England. Don't lose your head over him.
     Today, this person is/would be 526 years old.
            1577,Peter Paul Rubens, flemish baroque painter.
     Today, this person is/would be 440 years old.
            1712,Jean Jacques Rousseau, social contractor.
     Today, this person is/would be 305 years old.
            1902,Richard Rogers, composer of "South Pacific" & "Oklahoma".
     Today, this person is/would be 115 years old.
            1926,Mel Brooks, comedian, actor, director, producer.
     Today, this person is/would be 91 years old.
            1946,Gilda Radner, actress, comedienne.
     Today, this person is/would be 71 years old.
            1948,Kathy Bates, actress.
     Today, this person is/would be 69 years old.
            1966,John Cusack, actress.
     Today, this person is/would be 51 years old.

      Events On This Day In History...

            1820,The tomato is proved to be nonpoisonous.
            1859,The first dog show is held, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.
            1918,In Hawaii, the first inter-island flight.
            1919,The Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, is signed.
            1951,The "Amos & Andy" show premiers on CBS television.

Minor Publishing House

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