WB4YRJ T.H.E. Amateur Radio Club
145.150 -600 input and Echolink 371888 * All licensed operators are welcome to
use any and all functions of the repeater. Please ID before using the controller.

Rptr Commands

Connect Conf & Rptr

EchoLink User Commands

B44 Turn off 2 meter Tx

B55 Turn on 2 meter Tx

035 Reset Controller

A21 Current Time of day

A23 Weather conditions

A24 Weather forecast

A25 Weather warnings

A29 Present Temperature

A89 Enable parrot

A87 Disable parrot

Current Net Schedule

   Various nets connect on the hour. If the repeater is in use the nets will not connect. The stations are always changing so no attempt is made to list them here.

101 Echolink Audio Test


104 DoDropIn Conference

105 WORLD  Network

107 Available for use.

108 NASA Space Shuttle

109 W1AW Newington, CT

110 AMSAT Satellites

111 AUSSIE Australia

112 N4BVE-R  Minnesota

114 Available for use.

115 HandiHam  Conf

118 EchoCloud Conference

119 South Cars Conference

120 Alaska Conference

00 Random Node

01 Random Link

02 Random Conf

04 Random User

xxxx Node Number

08 Connection status

09 Reconnect to last

*  Play Info

# Disconnect station

## Disconnect All Stn

Voice announces disconnect


DTMF 3 not used.


Repeater requires no PL tone for access bit it does transmit a 100 hz PL tone.  Mick, KB4UPI