Squirrel Proof Birdfeeder


    This page came about when one of my daughters commented that I should share my squirrel proof birdfeeder on the internet. If you have a birdfeeder you know that squirrels can be a constant problem. To keep them out build this simple feeder. The squirrels will still come and eat off the ground.

    The feeder is hanging from a small 3/16th inch stainless steel cable stretched between two trees. A 5/16th inch threaded rod extends from the cable through the shield all the way to the bottom of a discarded aluminum skillet. The squirrels will walk out the cable to the feeder, most of them hanging upside down as they walk. Here in the South we refer to that as to "shinny along" the cable. The shield is a broken (just the edge which I cut off) skylight I managed to salvage from a local builder. You can use anything for a shield, as long as it is dome shaped and has no edge for the squirrels to grab onto as they try to go out onto the dome. They will fall off every time. It is very entertaining to see the antics of the squirrels. They will spend hours trying to conquer it. One enterprising squirrel got on a picnic table near the feeder and jumped several feet and grabbed onto the bottom of the feeder. Therefore don't place anything elevated near the feeder.

    Build it and you will enjoy it. It's very entertaining.  Mick Lindley