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Shewbart Genealogy Page

R. Moses Shewbart and Elizabeth Russell

6-20-1824 to 12-28-1863       ??-??-1834 to ??-??-????



James W. Shewbart and Martha "Mattie" Ann Harris 

James W. Shewbart          Martha "Mattie" Ann Harris

11-13-1852 to 8-20-1922        2-8-1843 to 1-18-1925

James W. was born in Tishamingo county Mississippi and died and is buried in Franklin county, Alabama in Halltown cemetary. Martha Ann is also buried in Halltown cemetary.



This picture was taken on their wedding day.

Martin Luther Shewbart and Lillie Ann Johnson Shewbart

 Martin Luther Shewbart                Lillie Ann Shewbart

8-20-1887 to 9-21-1962          11-7-1885 to 7-22-1949



    Here is Papa & Mama Shewbart with seven of their nine children in about 1945. Top row: Roy, Mrytle, Belva, Bertha, Ora, Zella, & Lurlie. Losene and Maybelle are not included in this picture.



Papa Shewbart with seven of his children in 1960. From left: Losene, Myrtle, Belva, Bertha, Ora, Zella, and Lurlie. Cindy McCullar is in front of Zella.



    This family was originally from Vina, Alabama near Red Bay, in Franklin County, Alabama. They moved to Winston County, Alabama in approximately 1925.

Their Children (9)

1. Lurlie Anthem Shewbart    Born 11-3-1907 Died 6-21-1997 Married, Edward Green


R.L. Green    Born

Jimmy Green    Born

Mary Jo Green Cofield    Born                        Married, Oliver Cofield

Billy Green                 Born ????    Died 5-19,2002

2. Zella Ann Shewbart    Born 6-14-1909 Died 4-11-1994  Married, Noah Lacy McCullar    Born 10-12-1910    Died 9-23-1990


Noah L. McCullar Jr.    Born 9-20-1928   Died 9-25-1978

James DeLoyd    Born 1-28-1935   Died 12-28-1987

Leland McCullar    Born 12-24-1930

Doyle Ray McCullar    Born 1-5-1940 

3. Ora Shewbart    Born 1-12-1911 Died 3-16-1977 Married, Reuben Alexander


Virginia Glenn Alexander    Born  3-8-38  

           Married Roger Boone,   2nd Marriage Doug Gillespie

Shewbart Neil Alexander    Born  10-13-1934   Married,  Mitzi Cook

Barbara Alexander Wiggington    Born            Married, Randy Wiggington

4. Bertha Corene Shewbart    Born 8-16-1912 Died 11-15-1980 Married, Buren H. Knight    Born 5-8-1912 Died 5-28-2000


Evelyn Knight           Born 1-22-1932           Married, Roy Peoples

Ethelene Willie Knight    Born 12-28-1933       Married, Alvin Lindley

Norma Jean Knight    Born 1-19-1936           Married, Walker L. Glenn

5. Belva Lou Shewbart    Born 3-13-1915 Died 2-07-1989  Married, Walter D. Martin Born 9-25-1914 Died 7-27-1986


James L. Martin     Born 6-23-1934

Lillie Maxine          Born 5-15-1937

Kenneth Martin      Born 7-7-1941   Died 5-10-1994

6. Myrtle Shewbart    Born 3-18-1917 d.                    Married, J.E. Ell McCullar  Born 5-7-1920 Died


Lynn B. McCullar    Born 7-30-1942        Died 2-6-1979

Harold B. McCullar    Born 11-27-1943

Jack B. McCullar    Born 9-17-1945

Ronnie B. McCullar    Born 2-2-1947

Dale B. McCullar    10-30-1948

Randy B. McCullar    2-20-1954

7. Maybelle Shewbart    Born  5-1-1920 Died         Married,  Washington Hood


Camilla Shewbart    Born                         Married,   ???   Williams

Judy Hood    Born

Janice Hood Walker    Born                      Married, Harold Walker

Steve Hood    Born

Rita Hood   Born

8. Roy Shewbart    Born 8-17-1923 Died            Married, Eulene Humphries


Dwayne Shewbart    Born

Dwight Shewbart     Born

Patti Shewbart       Born

Deborah Shewbart   Born

9. Era Losene Shewbart    Born 5-11-1927 Died 12-12-1991  

    Married Hoyt Vest   Born ???   Died  9-23-1995


Carolyn Vest    Born      Married,  Billy Piersal

Dennis Vest    Born       Married,  Jeannie ???

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