Shelby Springs Cemetery

    This cemetery is located about 5 miles east of I-65 and 1/2 mile off AL Hiway 25, on Shelby county road 42.  The GPS coordinates are:

33 07.797 and 086 40.852

    There are 279 Confederate soldiers buried in this cemetery with most of them being unknown soldiers. They paid with their lives for the cause they believed in.

    While most of the soldiers buried here died while at the hospital located down the hill from here, some civil war veterans lived out their natural lives and were buried here. This Confederate recruitment center and training ground was named Camp Winn. Just before Vicksburg fell to the Union Army in 1863 the hospital was moved by train to this location where it remained until the end of the war. The hospital was headed by a Catholic priest known as Father Leray, and staffed by nuns who served as nurses. The nuns belonged to a Catholic order known as, the "Sisters of Mercy".

    This property has been deeded to the Shelby County Historical Society. The "Sons of Confederate Veterans" maintain and try to improve this cemetery. The society has established a fund which we hope will grow into a perpetual care fund. To contribute send checks to:

 Sons of Confederate Veterans

P.O. Box 273

Columbiana, AL 35051.

    This fund is not used for current expenses. It's only use will be for setting up perpetual care so this cemetery can be enjoyed by future generations.