September 11, 2001

      This page was created for the sole purpose of sharing all the information I have collected about the events on September 11th, 2001.  All of the images I have I downloaded from the Internet, so many of them are probably copyrighted.  If you are using them for your own personal use, it shouldn't be a problem.  I have been told that photo developers will not develop them for you.  I did not have that problem as I printed out the ones I used in my scrapbook myself.  If any of the images I have here belong to you and you do not wish for them to be shared, please email me at

and I will take them down.  The articles and speeches are some I gleaned from various newspapers and publications in the weeks afterward online or in print.  I did not edit for content, I retyped them as they were written.  The quotes and poems are from various sources as well and I gave credit if I knew the author. Ok, enough of the disclaimers.  You can download anything you like by right-clicking on it. You may return to the home page with your "back button" or via the link in the above header. The header will appear on the bottom of all other pages so as to remain obscure. 

I hope you enjoy it, Lisa Anderson