Three Requirements for Religion

   by Mick Lindley Dec, 2001 

    1 BELIEVE  The first is from the Bible in John 3:16 which states that whosoever believes will be saved and have eternal life. One obviously must believe in God to become a part of any religious group.

   2 KEEP COMMANDMENTS  The second is the ten commandments. Every law of this great land is based on the ten commandments. They should be the basis of every true religion.

   3  SHARE   The third is also from the Bible which states in the last verse in the chapter of Matthew that we are to go and teach all nations sharing with them the word of God. Most religions are eager to share their faith with others. After all, for a variety of reasons we want to increase our numbers.

    If you have stayed with me this long you may be wondering where I am going with this. We hear a lot of talk today on religion. We have many different ones, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Hindu, Presbyterian, Islamic, just to name a few. Man set up these denominations. We only have one God of this great universe and beyond. Many are constantly bickering back and forth on things that are so trivial God is probably wondering when his children are going to grow up.

    Cast aside any trivialities you might have about your faith or anyone else's. Think about these three above points and ask yourself this question. "DOES ANYTHING ELSE REALLY MATTER" ?