Democrat Downfall?

It is now Thursday after Tuesdays general election 2004. The Democrats are licking their wounds and trying to figure out where they went wrong. America is beginning to wake up and see that the Democratic party is not the one to lead this country. Several Democrat Senate and Congressional seats were lost including South Dakota's Tom Daschle who was minority leader of the Senate. To see the "obstructionist" be put out of office put a smile on most Republicans faces. That's the name placed on Tom Daschle  by president Bush. The above map shows the counties won by the Republican and Democratic parties. The following is a summary of why the Democratic party is on the way out in American politics.

   1. Americans are getting sick of Liberalism in general, especially mindless liberal judges who make rulings that any six year old knows is wrong.

   2. Democrats are for tax increases so they can tax and spend. In all honesty Democrats are not alone in this but most Democrats opposed the tax cuts imposed by President Bush.

   3. Americans are sick and tired of the lies about a flourishing economy with 40 year record low interest rates and a low (5%) unemployment rate.

   4. Democrats are appeasers. They want to appease the enemy (terrorists) and will not defend our country unless they get U.N. approval, or in John Kerry's words "pass a global test". John Kerry's statement in the debates when asked by the moderator, "under what conditions would you take the country to war?", he answered, "we'll have to pass a global test before going to war", meaning U.N. approval,  may very well have cost him the election. America will defend herself with or without "global approval".

   5. We are sick and tired of having gun control crammed down our throats. The Constitution clearly says we have a right to keep and bear arms and it will not be denied us. 

   This is just a sample. I am sure I will come up with more reasons the Democrats are on the way out in the months to come.

    The map below shows states nationwide and which went Republican and Democrat.