Political Correctness

by, Mick Lindley  Feb. 2002

    The more I learn about "political correctness" so prevalent in our country today the sicker it makes me. The following is an example.

    Security in America's airports is a hot topic today, and an important one. As a typical American goes through the security lines at a major airport he is told when reaching the front of the line he must remove his hat, in order for it and the cavity under the hat to be checked. Most people have no problem with this policy and are eager to comply. 

    Over in the next aisle is a person of middle eastern descent who has his head wrapped in what appears to be a bath towel. No security personnel asked that it be removed. When someone questioned this security personnel replied, "We can't ask him to remove it, it's against his religion and he might be offended".  This is the "political correctness" we are being subjected to every day in this country. 

    Here is another example that occurs in many cities across this land. Cities that have a trash pick up service for residents also have a second day of service for the pickup of recyclable items. I'm not against recycling but cities pay thousands of dollars for this additional day of service while trash collectors sort out the trash and recyclable items anyway. Your city council members provide this service because it is, you guessed it, "politically correct". It is designed to make the voters feel good and buy votes. Just look what your council did for you. 

    Are you sick and tired of "political correctness"? If you aren't you should be. If you have more examples of the practice I would like to hear from you. I may be reached at Mick@LindleyOnline.com