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Moonfield Cemetery

Randolph County, Alabama

    If you came from the Lindley Genealogy page you know this is the burial place of Thomas Lindley and his wife Betsy. We are unsure of her last name at this time. This cemetery is located in Randolph county in eastern Alabama. 

    This cemetery is about 0.5 miles from the nearest road. It is out in the woods and very secluded. To get to the cemetery take I-20 to U.S. 431 just east of Anniston. Go south on 431 and go 16 miles. Turn right on Randolph CR-212 and go 0.7 miles, and turn left on CR-23, go 0.4 miles just beyond CR-269. You will see a white farm house on the right. The cemetery is 0.3 miles from the house and you must walk the old road from the house.

    Park near the house and look to the left and you will see a pasture and a gate. Across the pasture you will see another gate leading to the old road. It is approximately 0.3 miles out to the cemetery. As of this writing (Oct 2012) the house and the land where the cemetery is located is owned by Chester Huckaby of Anniston. If planning to visit it would be advisable to contact him and get permission to go thru the locked gate. At this time Mr Huckaby rents the house.

   On the 2nd Saturday in May a group of decedents, New, Lindley, Craft, Weeks, and others meet at the cemetery for an annual cleanup. Mr. Huckaby meets the group and unlocks the gate to make it easier to get in.

   Following are some pictures I took in Oct of 2012, along with an image of section 28.

Sec 28, 1 square mile showing location of house & cemetery.

GPS House 33.432  -85.576 * Cemetery 33.427  -85.580

Farmhouse owned by Mr. Chester Huckaby

First gate, look for another one across the pasture.

Road going out to the cemetery.

This is as the cemetery looked in Oct 2012.

Several of the 35 or so unmarked graves in the cemetery.

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