Liberals Hatred of Citizens With Guns

by, Neal Boortz & taken from I have learned that good articles tend to disappear from websites from time to time, so I archive some I deem to be worthy of keeping. If you are wondering about Owhammer I made the change to that. Nothing else in the article is changed. I refuse to call him by name and I certainly don't want my state name to appear in his name.

    The liberal penchant for gun control starts with their obsession with controlling the lives and actions of those considered to be their inferiors ... and anyone not liberal is inferior. To amplify the point; liberals believe that their innate intellectual superiority gives them a right to control the lives of the not-so-bright. You can only buy a 12 ounce soft drink, you ignorant fool. Stop putting all that salt on your food. You can’t negotiate your own contract with an employer. We’ll tell you how much you’re allowed to work for. Union membership is not a decision for you to make. We’ll make that decision for you. We know best. Do as we say and you’ll be just fine.

    What amazing arrogance! Liberals (the more self-aggrandizing among them prefer the term “progressives” – I just call them “progs” or “proggies”) have the most dangerous of superiority complexes … superiority complexes coupled with power.

    Now since liberals are entitled to use their superior intelligence to order and control your life, it stands to reason that they’re going to get their proggie panties in a wad when the great unwashed start to show signs of individualism and self reliance. And to a lib there is no act of independence and self-reliance that is more infuriating and alarming than the act of owning – and perhaps using – a gun for the purpose of defending your life and your freedom. How dare you accept the responsibility for your own safety?

    And there you have the crux of this anti-gun effort the left and their Dear Leader are putting forth. The very architecture of this gun control campaign is based on an attack on individualism. These anti-gun zealots know their assault weapons ban will not save any lives. The last one didn’t, the next one won’t. They’re fine with that. Saving lives is not their goal. They know that background checks wouldn’t have prevented Sandy Hook, Aurora or almost any other mass shooting. They’re fine with that. Saving lives is not their goal. They know that not one gun control measure they have proposed would have stopped this rogue LA cop. No problem. Again, that’s not the goal they’re working toward. They know that the so-called “gun show loophole” is a complete fiction. Doesn’t matter. The media certainly isn’t going to call them on that, and it’s the best lie available for moving toward gun registration; which, history shows us (even in this country) leads to confiscation.

    The left is trying to reign in a beast. Well, a beast in their eyes anyway. To a liberal -- to today’s progressive Democrat -- the independent freedom-loving and self-reliant American is a dangerous beast who must be controlled, a wild horse that must be broken. Individualism must be attacked and discredited. There was, after all, a reason liberal icon Ted Kennedy referred to and praised our “war against individualism!”

    We’re supposed to all be a part of a team ... a team of well-behaved horses pulling the carriage of big government along. A headstrong horse that refuses to respond correctly to the master’s whip cannot be tolerated. A person with a strong sense of self-reliance and individual self-worth is, similarly, a dangerous and out of control wild animal that must be corralled … corralled for the common good. The person who celebrates their individualism, and the laws that protect their individual rights, is a threat to the Democrat holy grail of all-encompassing governance. The individual, the independent American, the self-reliant and freedom-loving troublemaker must be wrestled down and the bridle of government domination slipped over their heads.

    Owhammer and the Democrats had their gun control plans ready long, long ago. The plan was ready to be implemented; they were just waiting for two things to happen.

    First, of course, they had to re-elect Owhammer. The second necessary element needed to be a crisis – a mass murder committed with guns – preferably so-called assault weapons. That first criteria – Owhammer’s reelection – would be the reason liberals didn’t implement their push against the Second Amendment when the shootings happened at the theater in Aurora, Colorado. Owhammer was still campaigning for his second term. Dang it! A crisis that can’t be exploited! But then, after Owhammer’s re-election, came Sandy Hook. That was it – prerequisites satisfied – it was time to move against guns.

    Democrats love the term “gun violence.” You heard it last night during the State of the Union speech. Note, please, that the term refers to an inanimate object, the gun, not the person who used that gun to kill or wound. To cite the perpetrator would be to hold an individual responsible for their actions with the gun. In the liberal world this cannot be allowed. The instrument must bear the blame, not the individual using it, for you cannot hold an individual responsible for their actions without first recognizing the concept and free will of the individual in the first place. In the world of the left the gun commits the crime – the spoon eats the ice cream.

    This isn’t about saving lives. It’s all about breaking the spirit of independent-minded and self-reliant Americans who still believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that the term “shall not be abridged” is much more than a mere suggestion. Can that spirit be broken by the incessant hammering of the left and an obedient (or “legitimate,” as Joe Biden calls them) media pressing the left’s anti-gun message? Or have we reached the point where Owhammer and the Democrats have, perhaps, pushed their agenda a little to far and a little too hard.

    As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is reputed to have said after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." With a bit of luck – and maybe luck is what we have to rely on at this point – the same might be said of the left’s attack on the Second Amendment. Time, and the reaction of patriots, will tell.