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Statistics always provide for interesting conversation as well as letting us know about current trends and cover ups. This page will attempt to keep up with current stats on gun related issues. If you would like to add some stats please e-mail our with the text and the source and he will include it on this page. The second part of the page includes truisms such as "If guns cause crime matches cause arson". Some have asked if this web site is pro gun or anti-gun. This web site and its owners are very much pro gun, and we value the right to keep and bear arms. You will find both sides of the issue in OUR BBS. We do not keep anything out of the forum.

Accidental Deaths in the U.S. for 1998

Source is the National Safety Council

41,200 deaths related to motor vehicle accidents,
16,600 in falls at home and on the job,
4,100 from water in drowning,
9,400 from poisoning, in the same year,
3,700 due to fire or burns,
3,200 due to choking, and
900 from guns 
Note that the top category of vehicle accidents is 45 times greater than the bottom 
category of guns. Should we outlaw cars, and ladders?
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Truisms About Guns
If guns cause crime do matches cause arson?
If guns cause crime does water cause drowning?
If guns cause crime needles cause drug abuse?
If guns cause crime it must be said that pencils misspell words.
God made man & woman, Sam Colt made man & woman equal.

A Message to Misguided Anti-Gun People

Mick Lindley, March 2000

    Study after study shows that many things cause more accidental deaths than guns. A few examples are drowning, falls, poisonings, medical mistakes, and automobile accidents.

    Guns do not kill people. People kill people. If you take away guns are you nave enough to think people will not use knives, clubs, swords, stones, poisons, or other means?

    A ban on guns is a violation of our U. S. Constitution. It is legally and morally wrong. You choose to ignore the Constitution, are you a traitor?

    Were it not for our right to keep and bear arms someone would likely be telling you what to do today in most aspects of your life.

    Every citizen has a right to carry a gun to defend themselves, their family, or their nation.

    A gun is the only means most women and some men can use to defend themselves from an attacker. Is your objective to deprive them of that right. What if it was your daughter?

    Great Britain and Australia have banned guns and attempted to take all of them up. The criminals kept their guns and crime has increased dramatically. Is this the fate you want for your country?

    Guns are used roughly every 1 seconds (this includes their presence, even though they may be concealed) to prevent a crime by ordinary citizens. Is it your objective to stop this and let crime run rampant? Are you nave enough to think the police have enough manpower to protect you?

    Is it going to take you or a member of your family becoming a crime victim to wake you up to the fact that we need protection from predators who would harm our precious family members?

    I recently learned that some anti-gun people have a bodyguard who carries guns. Is it your objective to deny fellow citizens the protection guns can provide?

    I do not know all the answers to crime prevention in this country. I do know that gun control is not the answer. I pray to my Lord and Savior that we as a nation will find the answers.

NOTE: Admittedly the 1 seconds which refers to how often a gun is used to prevent a crime is an estimate. It could be much lower or higher.

To read a well written (but ridiculous) rebuttal to this article by Ed Kimmel CLICK HERE

We Only Need One Gun Law
by Bill Maxwell, Pelham, Alabama
Used with Permission

        I am retired and purchased a travel trailer and a gun to protect my wife and I while out on the road. I am healthy and strong but would not be able to protect my family from the well-armed criminals who prey on older people. To my disbelief, the gun laws in most states would put me in jail for carrying a gun in my truck while towing an RV.

    Gun laws are ineffective because of inconsistent enforcement, and the criminals have no intention of obeying gun laws or any laws. Crime is their business and guns give them the power to control victims when committing a criminal act.

    When criminals realize we are armed and able to defend ourselves, they will be less likely to confront us. Law enforcement can't protect all people at all times. If they were able, we would have no crime. This is just plain common sense.

    Gun laws are different in every state. There should be a uniform gun law for all states that gives law abiding citizens the right to carry a gun in a manner that would enable us to protect ourselves from criminals. No law will stop a criminal from owning a gun. Yet our legislators enact laws that curtail the use of guns by law abiding citizens.

    We need only one gun law. You use a gun in a criminal act and you go to prison for life. Let me protect my family. Law enforcement and legislators have not accomplished this in 100 years.

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