Honda GoldWing 1100 FAQ Page

Where do I check the oil.

    This is probably the most often asked question from new 1100 owners, and for good reason. A small sight glass is hidden very well. Get down on your knees on the right side of the motorcycle. Look at the side of the motor peering over the top of the rear brake pedal. You will see a small sight glass. It may be covered with grime, dust, or even mud. If so get a wooden stick (or other appropriate object) long enough to reach in there. Place a rag over the end of the stick. Gently rub the window to clean it. You will see a small screwdriver slot in the middle of the window. Turn this with a screwdriver and it will turn a wiper on the inside of the glass to clean it. Now you will be able to see the oil level thru the glass. Two marks are stamped on the motor housing. One for full and one for low. Keep the level anywhere in between these marks and it will have sufficient oil in the motor.

What does GL in GoldWing models stand for.

GL means NOTHING... It is and was a "catch phrase" that is easy to remember.
A designator given by Honda at the time of design that has lasted almost 30 years. I have heard "Good Looking", "Grand Luxury", and several others. It can mean anything you want it to mean.

Where is the best place to get questions answered about GoldWings.

   By far the best place to get any question answered about GoldWings is at WOTI.  WOTI stands for Wings On The Internet. It is a forum for and about GoldWings whose membership is composed of thousands of GoldWing riders. Post a question and someone will answer it. It is free, and a must have for any GoldWing owner. WOTI may be found at