Motorcycle Camping List






Tent/Tarp/Stakes Can opener Shower Shoes Jacket Shampoo/Deo
Air mattress/Pump Cups/Stein Etc Change o Clothes Rain Suits Soap/Razor Etc
Pillows (blow up) Cooler (bag type) Jeans Sunglasses (2) Toilet Paper
Sleeping Bag Dish Towel Shorts Helmets Duct Tape
Waterproof Bag Coffee (choice) T Shirts Riding Gloves Books/Maps
Folding Chairs Creamer/Sugar Underwear Bungee Cords Camera/Tripod
Sheets/Blanket Salt/Pepper Windbreaker Bag Fone protect
Camp Guides
Insect Repellent Fork/Spoons Etc Shoes/Boots Extra key for lock Cell Phone/Batt
Lotion/Sunscreen Camp Stove/Fuel Socks Extra key ignition Chap St/Lip Balm
Radios/Batteries Windscreen stove Swim Suit Bulbs/Fuses Gun (protection)
Lantern (small) Food (choice) Chaps Seat Cover (night) Compass
Flashlight/Batt Canned Meat Gloves Extra clutch cable Super Glue
110 V Light Canned Fruit Hat/Cap Tire Patch/Plug Tools Assorted
Electric Cord Coffee Pot Sweater 12 V Compressor Hatchet/Hammer
Moist Towelettes Paper Towels Sun Visor 12 V Charger Knife/Multi Tool
Rubber Mat Trash Bags Sweat Shirt Jumper Cables Rope/Cord/Twine
Aspirin/Antacid Etc Paper Plates Bandanna Windshield Clean Electrical Tape
Hair Brush/Comb Water 1/2 gal Belt Service Manual Nylon Ties
Candle (soothing) Matches/Lighter Laundry Bag Clutch/Thr Cables Nails (for ropes)
Bath Towel Drinks   Emer Info Card  
  Skillet/Pan   Insurance  Proof  

    Put the above caption in Google or your favorite search engine and you will get hundreds of hits for a camping list. Many are trying to list the most items they possible can. It must be a contest I'm not aware of.  In many lists I see matches listed 3 or 4 different ways. This list has served me well for years. Print it out a few days before you leave, refer to it and you should have most everything you need on your trip.    

    You may think it will be hard to get all these items on a motorcycle. It's not hard if you choose your items carefully. For instance, our tent is a two person tent, when folded and rolled up it is about the size of a large thermos. The floor is 7 1/2 feet by 7 1/2 feet. We have a queen size air mattress (with coils, don't skimp on this) which just fits in one direction and leaves us about 18 inches at the door to store other items we wish to keep in the tent. The air mattress will allow you to eliminate the sleeping bags in the summer and you'll sleep like you're at home.

    Place a card or sheet of paper with your emergency info on it in an easy to find place such as jacket or shirt pockets.

   Have a great trip. Mick & Debbie Lindley * GWRRA 173029 * Gadsden, Alabama