Extreme Road Rash
    This beautiful blonde is Brittany Morrow. In October 2005 she was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. She looked around and the wind caught her helmet and she fell off. She skidded rolled, and tumbled over 500 feet before stopping. She was only wearing blue jeans and a thin top over her bikini. Over half of her skin was stripped off  her body. It makes me wish I could give her some for replacement, but she probably wouldn't want skin from a old codger like me.  Notice her pretty face and head was unharmed. Be sure to see the helmet she was wearing if you go to the link. Read her story  HERE or you can click on the picture above.
    Brittany's story is very powerful, so grab a tissue before you start reading. Her intent is to make you think and not ride without the proper protective clothing, helmet, and other gear.  Mick Lindley