Parkway Cache

    Here's another cache located in the vast expanse of the Moss Rock Preserve. You can park very close to the cache on or off the road. This is a micro containing only a logbook and a pencil. It is so easy you will not need any clues.  After you find the cache you'll want to take this short hike. Look for a painted stripe on one of the nearby guard rail supports. This is an entrance to the "red" trail. Trails are marked on the trees. Follow this trail about 50 yards and it will run into the "white trail". Turn right onto the "white trail" and walk about 150 yards to the wooden bridge 33 22.911 & 86 50.669 across Hurricane Creek. This is a very easy walk continuing on down the creek and walking only another .2 miles will place you right below the "boulder field" at these coordinates. 33 22.968 & 86 50.508. You will see signs here pointing in different directions. This point also puts you close to some other caches in the preserve. From here you can go 75 yards across the creek to the falls 33 22.990 & 86 50.534, go up the hill about 300 feet to the "boulder field", go straight ahead just 150 feet to "Hole In Rock" 33 22.968 & 86 50.488 or you can continue down the white trail .2 miles to the site of an old moonshine still 33 23.061 & 86 50.342. There isn't much remaining of the old moonshine still. See this cache at Click Here

    Check out how to log these falls by clicking HERE, You can log a locationless cache with a picture.

   This place is huge being about 1 and 3/4 miles long. It contains about 9 miles of hiking trails and more improvements are being added. Have Fun!