Big Cool Rock

    This is my first multi. I never did like them much but after you find a few they kinda grow on you. It is only two stages and it's in one of the prettiest places around. Put on some good shoes because it's time for a walk. The walk is short, about .3 miles. It is much closer if you park on the north side and walk in, but it is very thick and you will see and feel a few briars. To visit Big Cool Rock at Click Here.

    My son-in-law (I never liked that term) Todd named this place, and yes that's one end of The Big Cool Rock in the above picture. Stage two is located about 1000 feet from stage one. If you like clues I have included one for each stage.

     A few days prior to January 15th 2005 someone burned up the first stage of the cache. They used it  for a campfire on top of the Big Cool Rock. There was a lots of firewood right at the base of the rock they could have used. I guess there is bad apples even among hikers. I have replaced the first stage and all is well again. The good news is they did no damage that nature cannot quickly repair. The coordinates have changed by just a few feet.  Happy Hunting!