Credit Card Therapy

    If you are lik most people you may get up to five credit card offers in the mail each week. Most people throw them in the big circular file, or run them through the shredder. If you do this you are missing out on an enormous amount of good therapy and exercise.

    For years now I have been tearing my name off all the material where it appears. Then I carefully place each and every piece, including the envelope, into their postage paid envelope and send it back to them. Folks, this is good therapy. You will be surprised how good this makes you feel. You may have to cut the envelope to size but all the other items can be folded to fit.

    You may think I have nothing else to do, but that is not the case. It gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction as well as some good therapy and some exercise from the extra walk to the mailbox. Don't make the usual comment ("that's stupid") until you try it.   Mick Lindley