Free Animal Sounds

     To my knowledge none of these sounds are copyrighted. If you find that any are let me know at Mick at and I will remove them. Or, if you would like credit and a link back to your page I would be happy to include it.

     This is a great collection of sounds for deer, turkey, and wild hog hunting. Depending on your browser you may simply click on them and they will play. Then right click on the window and select save as. Or you may right click on one and download it. Have fun, this is also a great collection of bird sounds as well as other animals. Most all the sounds have sufficient volume when using a bluetooth speaker out in the woods. I would discourage the use of a powered horn speaker. If the sounds are too loud they do not sound natural. Animals can hear them much further than you might think.

   Now back to deer hunting and calls. I use a small bluetooth speaker I can easily carry it into the woods in my pocket or a pack. It seems to produce enough volume to sound like a deer. Too much volume, being much loude than a real deer will scare off the deer. How often you should call is another question. Too many calls can definitely scare the deer off. I have never heard a deer make a sound repeatedly. Generally speaking a bucks grunt or other sounds will be more of a bass sound than a does. Here is an important rule: Never say a deer will not do something, or that you will not kill a deer if you certain things. You will probably be proved wrong.